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Firehouse Dryer Vent Cleaning - Our Story 


I have been a volunteer firefighter since 2013. Getting a late start in the fire service, I was the oldest cadet in the fire academy. After being laid off in Feb. 2021 after 20 years in pharmaceutical sales I decided it was time for a change. Starting a business focusing on home fire & life safety was a no-brainer.

Mark Evans, Owner
Why Firehouse Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Firehouse is a residential fire safety company offering fire prevention through dryer vent cleaning and home fire safety inspections conducted by certified firefighters. Dryer vent cleaning has traditionally been an add-on service for air duct cleaning, HVAC or chimney sweep companies. Our fire safety focus on the job sparked a desire to create a company that protects families where they live. 

Firehouse Is Commercially Insured

Not all companies are properly insured which can put homeowners at risk. Firehouse carries commercial, general liability and workers comp insurance for your peace of mind. We appreciate the invitation to enter your home and will take the necessary steps to protect your investment in us. 

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