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Firehouse Professional Home Fire Safety Services

Firehouse Dryer Vent Cleaning offers two primary services for homeowners in Northeast Oklahoma. We offer dryer vent cleaning to mitigate fire risk and lower utility bills from excessively long dry times. Our home fire safety inspection is a detailed audit of your home's current fire and life safety condition.
We rate home fire safety of paramount importance.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning​

Dryer vent cleaning from transition duct to outside termination vent, inspect transition duct for damage, before/after air flow reading with anemometer, before/after camera inspection, clean lint from outside termination vent, clean lint from area around dryer. 

Home Buyers/Realtors

Are your buyers inheriting the sellers fire hazard in the form of a filthy dryer vent?
Firehouse will provide you and your buyers with a video camera inspection of the dryer ductwork for your properties under contract. Stand out from the crowd and provide your buyers with peace of mind.
Firehouse is a GTAR Affiliate member company.


Home Fire Safety Inspection​

Firehouse's primary corporate goal is fire prevention. Reducing the number of fires can best be achieved through a fire and life safety inspection program. Municipalities have fire inspection requirements for commercial properties but not private dwellings. Homeowners carry the burden to provide fire and life safety for their families. The goal of our program is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and amount of property loss from fire resulting in enhanced public health, safety and welfare.
Peace of mind for your family is our top priority! 
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What Our Clients Say


Val, Bartlesville

Need your dryer vent cleaned? This is the company you need! Mark came out and cleaned ours, checked all the necessary safety stuff and made me sleep a whole lot better at night! Highly recommend him!!!